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Want a career in venture capital (VC) but think that it’s inaccessible right after university? Interested in understanding the VC mindset since you’re a student intent on startup life? Or how to develop a tech product that is commercially viable? Become a Student VC.

Campus Capital has reopened enrolment to its experiential learning programme at the University of Manchester. The focus of the programme is on helping the best and brightest students to access the venture capital education and experience, if you want to:

  • learn through practice, not just theory

  • build an on-campus community

  • make early stage investment decisions

  • contribute to your local startup ecosystem

  • play an active part in a Student VC team

  • analyse real companies pitching for real investment.

Student VC team is your opportunity to be part of the next VC generation building successful startup stories in the UK. Campus Capital Student VCs have gone onto internships and jobs at VC firms across Europe, founded startups themselves or forged roles supporting founders in their startup community.

There are no scenarios or roleplays. Student VCs make real decisions about real investments.

Don’t have experience in finance, investing or business? Don’t worry! We build our teams with a strong focus on diversity, so no matter your degree discipline, you just need to be dedicated and have an active interest in startups or venture capital. You’ll learn all the rest through the programme. The team will be comprised mostly of students who will be on campus during next academic year as well, but we may accept special cases and strong candidates from final year.

Deadline for applications is Monday, February 4th at 5PM.

Please be aware that if selected as a Student VC you’ll need to be available for the Bootcamp on Tuesday, February 19th for the whole day.

Become a Student VC at UoM

Sorry, we are no longer accepting participants.
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