Recruiter-Work from Home (Independent Contractor) Contract

Hoops HR - Plano, TX
$30 USD/Hourly

Recruiter-Work from Home (Independent Contractor)

Virtual Recruiter (Independent Contractor) - Part-Time (Potential to become Full-Time)

  • Compensation: Pay is based on activity, not per hour. You will likely average about $25 to $30/hr (potential for more depending on efficiency). This is not a commission-only or placement fee-only job!

  • Role type: Independent Contractor (1099) support. Starts part-time with the potential to go full-time (40-50 hours).

  • Location: Remote opportunity. Must be located in the U.S. and eligible to work without future sponsorship.


About Hoops HR:

This is a role in a software as a service company that is now growing through successful innovation, great customer service, and a lot of hard work by passionate team members. We started with a vision to fix the broken recruiting process and we've grown into a Software as a Solution provider with a CORE FOCUS that is -To help organizations build championship-caliber teams. Our NICHE - We give our clients an unfair advantage when it comes to talent.

In order for us to reach our goals we want to work with people who can play on a championship team and to us that means someone who can thrive in a company with these CORE VALUES:

  • Grit - No one said it was going to be easy. What do you do when the going gets tough?
  • Extreme Ownership - You’ve never once uttered: “that’s not my job” and once your name is associate with something you accept everything that comes along with it. No one has to remind you what is expected of you.
  • Do the Right Thing - You are not always right but you are always putting the customer and the company first in your rationale for your decisions
  • Excellence Mindset - You are not a perfectionist but rather someone who takes pride in your work and always imagines what the ideal looks like while you are attempting to accomplish your goals in a short timeframe.
  • Positive Attitude - You realize things do not always go as planned but you know that of all the choices available to you the one that is always optimal is to keep your head up and keep moving forward. You can get down if things are not going well but believe that so long as you keep trying and picture a good outcome that’s all you need to worry about.


Virtual Recruiter Responsibilities:

Be prepared for this list to evolve over time. It is intended to provide you with a feel for what this job will entail. Ultimately this position takes care of our client's needs. Sometimes that's as simple as a review of a resume, sometimes it is the review and judgment of a completed application against an Ideal Candidate Profile. Sometimes the projects you are assigned will include a phone interview and client communications. 

  • Visual Screening of resumes and applications
  • Phone Screening of applicants
  • Sourcing (through LinkedIn, Indeed, and other databases)
  • Client communication
  • Feedback to the operations team on the status of each account (applicant flow, quality, and feedback to make the recruiting process more efficient)


Virtual Recruiter Personality Type:

We need a self-starter with a customer service orientation who is committed to finding the best applicants to put forward for our clients. You must be a fast learner and open to a new way of recruiting. If you are stuck in your ways, this won't be a good fit.


Virtual Recruiter Role Structure:

We do things a little differently at Hoops. That's what makes us successful! Our compensation model is based on the number of applicants screened (visually and/or on a phone interview) Your work is automatically tracked in our system and the quality is reviewed frequently. If you are good at recruiting, this is a great opportunity to be paid for your efforts with no risk of working on a project that fails to get a hire (and you being out the time you invested). Our model is built to provide a flexible opportunity to make $20-$40 an hour. We're growing and there will be advancement opportunities with us such as more full-time hours and client services/account management roles.

  • Job Type: Contract
  • Telecommute/Remote/Work from Home: Yes
  • Compensation: $30 USD
  • Pay Frequency: Hourly